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Want a Sure Sell? Make These Overlooked Home Repairs

Finance Bigger Upgrades & Repairs with an Easy Apply Idaho Equity Loan

Getting ready to sell your home or investment property? The devil is in the details.

Tiny turn offs that you’ve become accustomed to or chosen to overlook can send a buyer looking elsewhere. Be sure to make these home repairs before putting your place on the market – and ensure a timely sale.

9 Common “Must Fix” Quirks for a Quick Sale

From the outside in, here are nine repairs that, left unattended to, can send potential buyers headed right back out the door.

  1. Dragging gate: Front or back gates that noisily drag across ground or pavement are a nuisance. Trim, repair and adjust your gate to let it swing freely.
  2. Sticky garage door: Buyers won’t know that an extra tug or kick is all it takes to get a stubborn garage door open. Repair any issues to make sure things operate smoothly.
  3. Stuck front door: A front door that opens and closes smoothly and without effort easily says “welcome.” Adjust misalignments to the door frame or shave down trouble spots.
  4. Wobbling ceiling fan: No one wants to spend time under a ceiling fan threatening to come loose. Tighten up or replace anything troublesome overhead.
  5. Broken windows: Windows that are propped open or just as bad, won’t open at all, can shut down a sale. Replace or repair windows as needed.
  6. Swapped faucets: You may be familiar with the quirks of a backwards sink faucet. But a buyer checking out your water pressure won’t be impressed. Correct the mix up.
  7. Shaky railings: You’re setting the scene for disaster if bannisters and stair railings aren’t sturdy and properly secured. Make sure all interior and exterior stairs are safe.
  8. Noisy toilet: Toilets that run or are excessively noisy when flushed are a turn off. Repair most problems by simply replacing the toilet flapper.
  9. Patch jobs: Poorly done patch jobs make a bad impression and using the wrong materials can cause more harm than good. Properly repair damage and leaks.

By investing relatively small effort and dollars into these irksome issues, you can improve the odds of a successful home sale.

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