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Winter Curb Appeal Tips to Improve Your Investment Property

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Spring and summer are traditionally considered the prime times of year for buying and selling real estate.

However, there’s always movement in the real estate market, particularly in popular destination markets like Sun Valley, Idaho, and you may have reason to turn over an investment property during the winter months. We’ve got professional tips for winter curb appeal that will show off your property to its best advantage.

Winter curb appeal tips

  • Winter curb appeal is about safety first. Inclement weather can result in slick sidewalks, icy drives and yard debris that all require regular attention. Shorter days mean proper lighting of walkways and around property exteriors is a must.
  • Gray and dreary winter days don’t show a property at its best. Adding spots of color can help warm the appearance of a property – and the response it receives. Evergreen plants and brightly colored pots, a boldly painted front door, a fresh door mat will all add to your property’s appeal.
  • It’s the extra touches that make a difference. Keep your property’s exterior tidy by trimming back shrubbery and branches, washing windows, raking up wet leaves and yard debris as rains abate or snow melts, and repairing fencing. Install a sturdy and secure mail box. And don’t forget to make sure holiday decor is taken down in a timely manner.

Hard money lenders help real estate investors year–round

Successful real estate investing requires a certain savvy no matter the season. We’re here to provide hard money loan assistance year–round to investors throughout Idaho (as well as Washington and Oregon.) If you need a fast, convenient equity loan for that special curb appeal project, give our Gregory M. Russell team a call at 1-888-477-0444.