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Boise, Idaho Ranks High for Post-Pandemic Recovery

The city’s real estate market is strong. Finance with a hard money loan.

There is a lot of encouraging news coming out of Boise, Idaho.

We may be in the midst of a pandemic. But Boise has consistently made headlines and “best of” lists the past few weeks. Trends in real estate are positive, making the metro-region a good place to be for investors looking ahead.

It’s Better in Boise

According to a recent Forbes article, Boise is ranked among the ten cities best positioned to recover quickly from the coronavirus pandemic.

Boise’s quality of life, outdoor recreation, single-family housing options, reliance on car travel over public transportation, and access to higher education put it on the list with other urban areas.

As more people work via remote in the wake of COVID, it’s anticipated that many will leave the high-populations and density of big cities. Geekwire recognized Boise as the type of mid-size city that will attract a new demographic of worker.

Indications are that Boise real estate is already on solid footing. The housing market is active, and properties are moving. Low inventory is creating strong opportunities for sellers who are seeing multiple offers over asking. Buyers who are willing to buy virtually have an edge.

Boise is flourishing, offering terrific potential to real estate investors with an eye to the future who stay on top of local trends.

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