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Post-Pandemic Housing Market Trends

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The past year has been an unprecedented experience as the global pandemic has impacted the way we live, work and play.

Despite early concerns, the real estate industry has proven surprisingly robust. Housing values in hot markets like Idaho have stayed strong and buyers have been undeterred by the “new normal.”

What will the housing market look like as we begin to move beyond the restrictions of COVID safety protocols?

Check out these anticipated post-pandemic real estate trends:

Real Estate Trends Beyond COVID

More listings: Listings in the last year have been tight. Many sellers have put moving plans on hold due to concerns over the pandemic and potential economic fall out. As vaccines become more widely available and restrictions ease, look for a boost in listings as more sellers enter the market.

More construction: Construction remained relatively strong during the pandemic. The National Association of Home Builders expects the year ahead to be even better. New homes being built in markets around the country in turn opens up opportunities for buyers seeking already built homes.

Financial impact: Homeowners who have been economically impacted by the pandemic may be selling in greater numbers in coming months. On a positive note, available forbearance options and the level of equity in today’s homes should help make foreclosures uncommon.

Increased listings and available housing is good news for potential buyers, eager to make a fresh start. And the real estate market will continue to provide a boon to sellers, ready to sell while demand is high.

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