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Winter Do’s & Don’ts: How to Sell Your Home “Off Season”

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Spring and summer have traditionally been the seasons when home sales are at their highest.

Those trends have shifted in recent years – even more so during the pandemic.

With buyers looking at real estate all times of the year, it pays to know how to best show off your property if you’re opting to sell during winter months.

Follow these tips to make top dollar when selling your home or investment property before spring is sprung.

5 Top Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Cold Weather

  1. Let the light in: Winter months can be dreary and dark. Home buyers are, as a trend, seeking homes with natural light. Keep your windows sparkling clean and window treatments simple, to make your space lighter and brighter.
  2. Make photos current: Pictures that showcase your home with blooming plants and green grass may be eye-catching, but potential buyers might find them suspicious. Make sure to include quality photos of your property that accurately show it in the current season, even if it is in snow.
  3. Warm it up: You may prefer to keep your thermostat down and lights turned low to save on utility bills. But now is the time to make a warm and cozy impression. Turn up the heat and turn on the lights to make your home more inviting when preparing for home showings.
  4. Price it right: Most listings sit longer in winter. Price your home too low or too high, and you’ll waste valuable time. Work with a real estate agent, do comparative research, and price your home right for the market – and the season – from the beginning.
  5. Be adaptable: Winter weather can wreak havoc on schedules and the best laid plans. Be flexible and accommodating to potential buyers when you get requests for showings. It can be the difference between a timely sale – or not.

Spring is around the corner. But you can successfully sell your home or investment property now by taking these simple steps.

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